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About Malaysia Plants Network

Welcome to my About Us page, as it is important to have one of these pages on every website. This page lets readers know more about the person or company behind a website or blog.

I have been a flower, garden and plant lover for over 40 years and even used to be a plant seller back in 2004-2007, way before the days of social media, and when sellers were genuinely passionate about the things they sold.

Since the demand was not so good 20 years ago, I decided to leave my plants in my mini nursery and have only focused on the personal hobby side of it. Until January 2024, I will still be an admirer and collector of selected plants.

I have also had the Malaysia Plants website since 2011, but I never did many updates due to my other hobbies and time restrictions. But just before the COVID-19 pandemic, I started to write again for this site, but nothing too deep or technical.

My objective was to share articles on general information about the rare jungle ferns. Eventually, I started to feature horticulture events, expos, and festivals around Malaysia, namely the Putrajaya Royal Floria, which I used to write on my other website.

This eventually led to me writing more about flower festivals, expos and shows in Malaysia and worldwide. Now, whenever I can, I will feature some of the reknown flower and garden events worldwide.

If you have found this article and landed on this About Me section, you must have been searching for rare ferns or possibly wanting to know more about some flower or garden exhibition or show.

Suppose you are in the flower, gardens and plants business and want to advertise your business here. In that case, this can be arranged with several options that I offer, from specialised articles to promote your product or business to just a simple banner advertisement on Malaysia Plants.

Since January 2024, I have been semi-retired and taking life easy, so I have a little more time to focus on my little website for Malaysia Plants Network, where I will do my best to provide relevant and latest information.

You cannot copy content of this page because too many people love to rip content and re-write it as their own.