Flora Expo Astana 2024

Flora Expo Astana

The Flora Expo Astana 2024 in Kazakhstan will be the main meeting place for those interested in floriculture, gardening, landscape design, countryside construction, and arrangement.

For this year’s flora event in Kazakhstan, leading manufacturers and suppliers from the Netherlands, Italy, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Belarus, Kenya, Russia, Israel, Ecuador and other countries will participate and present flowers and plants from their respective nations.

Flora Expo Astana 2024

In 2023, the Flora Expo Astana exhibition has been replenished with new projects and is now held under the joint brand “FloraGardenVillage”. I am still wondering about this re-branding because will this be the new name for the event? Hopefully, someone will provide me with the information.

Flower Expo Astana 2024
One of the sections from the previous event.

The last Flora Expo 2023 took place from April 20-22 in Astana, Kazakhstan, and welcomed 9,325 visitors, which exceeded the expected turnout by about 1,5 times. More than 100 companies from 10 countries participated in the country’s largest flower and garden expo.

Every year, Kazakhstani and international companies will present new products and bestsellers in the following thematic areas:

  • Bulbs
  • Plants
  • Cut and potted flowers
  • Planting material
  • Tree and shrub seedlings
  • Plant care and protection products
  • Landscaping services
  • Floristry and design
  • Technical solutions
  • Garden arrangement
  • Garden furniture and tools
  • Countryside construction and arrangement

The exhibition is also visited by wholesale and retail traders of flowers and plants, owners of nurseries and garden centres, dealers of flowers and plants, florists, decorators, gardeners, landscapers, restaurant and hospitality business representatives, public authorities, countryside lifestyle admirers, etc.

Statistics for Flora Expo Astana 2024 2023 Flora Expo Astana Statistics

Flora Expo Astana Facts and Figures

  • 100 exhibiting companies from 10 countries of the world
  • 9,325 unique visitors
  • Planting Material Conference 2023. Status and Prospects. Problems and Solutions.
  • V Kazakhstan Professional Floristry Championship Altyn Gul 2023
  • Shows by renowned florists

For more beautiful photos of the event, please see this interesting Floral Garden Village website.

Flora Expo Astana 2024
Date:10-12 April 2024
Venue: Astana, EXPO IEC, Kazakhstan
Website & More Information: FloraGardenVillage

Astana Floral Garden Village
Astana Botanical Garden.


The Flora Expo Astana 2024 will be one of the events to attend if you are into this industry. There are also many other flower and garden events being held worldwide, and I hope to feature some of them. More importantly, I hope to attend these horticulture events in person to understand better and write about them.

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