Staghorn Fern Tanduk Kijang in Malaysia

Malaysia Tanduk Kijang Fern

This unique Staghorn Fern called Tanduk Kijang was photographed in Sabah, Malaysia, by me many years ago. This unique staghorn fern is highly sourced after and is usually priced very expensive.

What makes the Tanduk Kijang or Platycerium ridleyi so rare and expensive is that the fronds of the staghorn grow the reverse way upwards, compared to the common Platycerium staghorn that grows downwards.

Staghorn Fern Tanduk Kijang in Malaysia

The Tanduk Kijang is so rare that they are hard to see in the cities. Even at many plant nurseries in Sungai Buloh, you may be lucky to spot one or two and small ones too.

This unique reverse staghorn fern is also pricey, and a full-grown adult fern can cost you hundreds to thousands of Ringgit. I used to obtain them from a good source in my plant selling days, and I sold many.

I sold a young Tanduk Kijang in the size of 8 to 12 inches for around RM100.00. And the fully matured ones would be prices at around RM350.00 to RM500.00 per plant. Mind you; this was from the year 2001 to 2002.

Nowadays, a small Tanduk Kijang staghorn will easily cost you around RM250.00 and above, as I have seen some sold at the common nurseries.

Malaysia Tanduk Kijang Fern
The Kijang Staghorn Fern growing at a very tall height

These Kijang staghorn pictures were taken at the Rainforest Discovery Center (RDC) in Sepilok, Sandakan, when I visited this place for some work many years ago. I spotted a Kijang Staghorn fern growing freely on one of the trees when I looked for some birds during the Borneo bird watching festival.

For the scientific name, it is called Platycerium Ridleyii, and all over Malaysia, this staghorn fern is called Tanduk Kijang in the Malay language. Usually, when I travel, I see the common Staghorn Fern Platycerium (Tanduk Rusa).

According to Malaysians, the local name comes from the deer species as the fern looks like the deer’s antlers. Once, a staghorn dealer was in the city’s outskirts, but since these ferns are hard to maintain, he eventually stopped selling them. 

Tanduk Kijang
The Kijang Fern growing naturally on a tree in Sabah

Where to Buy Tanduk Kijang Staghorn Ferns in Malaysia?

This is the golden question that many people will ask: Can you buy these beautiful and unique ferns. And just so you know, the Tanduk Kijang staghorn fern is not easily found, and when available, they cost quite a bit.

Currently, you can buy various staghorn ferns in Malaysia from the many nurseries around Malaysia. If you are travelling outstation by the old roads, local villagers may be selling them by the roadside.

This is also depending on the season, or if they have recently visited the jungles or rainforest. I would not count on hoping to buy some of these ferns by especially going on the old roads. But if you are travelling back home, and come across them, then it is all luck.

It would be best to remember that some of the rare fern species in Malaysia are hard to maintain; so much research and care need to learn about looking after these species.If you like these kinds of rare plants, you need to know where to get them, and not every nursery sells them. Sometimes, you may see some plant nursery selling the Staghorn Fern Tanduk Kijang in Malaysia when you are in luck.

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