Sisik Ikan Fern, Sisik Naga Tassel Fern

Malaysia Tassel Fern Sisik Naga Ikan

This Sisik Ikan Fern, Sisik Naga or Tassel Fern is Malaysia’s rare jungle ferns and is not easy to come by.

Over the years, I have obtained many beautiful ferns from around Peninsular Malaysia and cultivated them before selling them off.

Sisik Ikan Fern, Sisik Naga Tassel Fern

The local Malaysian name is rather interesting because this jungle fern gets the Malay name of Sisik Ikan, which translates as fish scales, or Sisik Naga, which is dragon scales.

And for those who want to know more, the tassel fern is known as Huperzia nummulariifolia as the scientific name.

Malaysia Sisik Ikan Naga Pakis Fern
A close up of the Sisik Ikan fern

It depends on which part of Malaysia you visit, and the locals there may call it differently. You should also note that if you visit a very local nursery, they may not even know the scientific name Huperzia nummulariifolia.

These Tassel Ferns are collected from deep in the Malaysian rainforest and are sold in bunches ranging from small to large. The prices also vary from sellers and usually are not that expensive.

To care for these Sisik Ikan or Naga ferns, they require a shaded outdoor area to grow. If you hear people telling you that they can be grown indoors as a house plant, they are incorrect.

Where to Buy Sisik Ikan, Sisik Naga Tassel Ferns in Malaysia? 

These ferns are hard to cultivate; they are usually obtained in the wild before being sold to the end-users. They can be found in some larger nurseries, but not all.

You hardly see the Tassel Ferns being sold in smaller flower or plant shops because they thrive in shaded outdoors versus indoors.

Malaysia Tassel Fern
The Malaysian Tassel Fern.


These beautiful tassel ferns are unique and not as easy to maintain. Usually, I leave them in my covered outdoor nursery and let them grow on their own.

I try not to pay too much attention to them, and they seem to grow just fine. The last time on my first Sisik Ikan fern, I over-watered it and eventually, it died.

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