Ekor Kuching Lycopodium Fern Phlegmariurus Squarrosus

Malaysia Lycopodium Fern
The unique Ekor Kuching Lycopodium Fern Phlegmariurus Squarrosus from Malaysia is also known as a Tassel Fern, and it is not easy to get them nowadays. I have been an avid jungle fern lover since the 1990s and still grow some of them in my private nursery.These kinds of jungle ferns can be found around Malaysia but mostly in the mid highlands of Malaysia’s east coast. There are a few species of this Lycopodium Squarrosus which is locally called Ekor Kuching or Cats Tail.

Ekor Kuching Lycopodium Fern Malaysia Phlegmariurus Squarrosus

Lycopodium Squarrosum Malaysia
Close up of the Ekor Kuching fern or Lycopodium Squarrosum

While some people also call them Ekor Tupai (Squirrels Tail), they are usually sold in small bunches cultivated locally. The larger matured bunches can cost hundreds of ringgit from dealers at plant nurseries in the city.

One of the best ways to buy these ferns cheap is while driving along the old trunk roads in Malaysia to Cameron Highlands or Terengganu, and you may see some locals selling them by the roadsides.Some of the ferns I have managed to get during my trips are the unique Tali Kasut or Shoe String Fern, and even the ultra-rare Ekor Musang or Civet Cat Tail Fern only lived for a few years before dying on me.

I have also been collecting several Staghorn Tanduk Rusa Ferns. Over the years, which are now in my covered outdoor garden. Most of my staghorn ferns have been sold over the years as I did not have time to look after them.

Malaysia Lycopodium Fern
The most common Lycopodium ferns being cultivated in a nursery

How To Care For The Lycopodium Squarrosus or Tassel Fern?

  • Do not expose the plant to direct sunlight.
  • Watering of these Tassel Ferns is also limited to a few times a week only.
  • Do not overwater the ferns, or they will drown out and die from root rot.
  • Best care is putting them under shade and in an open windy area.
  • You can also plant them in coconut fibre or sphagnum moss.
  • Please do not use any modern fertilizers on them.

These beautiful Ekor Kuching Lycopodium Fern Phlegmariurus Squarrosus also grow in Borneo, Indonesia, and Thailand and may vary among them. However, in Malaysia, you will usually see the local ones sold at nurseries or plant shows.

Sadly, some years ago, most of my ferns died due to the heatwave, and I only have one more Ekor Kuching fern left in my care, which is struggling to grow. If you have one, share your experience growing them with me as I am very interested in knowing more.

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