Huperzia Nummulariifolia Rare Tassel Fern in Malaysia

Malaysia Huperzia Nummulariifolia

Huperzia Nummulariifolia is a rare tassel fern native to South-East Asia and is also found here in Malaysia. But it is not commonly seen in the open market due to the rarity of this species. Usually, you will always see the common Huperzia Phlegmaria or Mata Gergaji fern.

Before you continue reading, do not be confused with the Sisik Ikan fern, also called Huperzia Nummulariifolia, and I cannot verify if they are both called ‘Nummulariifolia’ or they have their names.

Checking Google, I find that both this and the Fish Scales Fern share the same name; therefore, it would be great if an academic person could give me some insight into this.

Huperzia Nummulariifolia Rare Tassel Fern in Malaysia

Huperzia Nummulariifolia Fern
The Huperzia Nummulariifolia Tassel Fern in my private collection. Apologies for the low-quality photo.

This rare fern species in Malaysia is also known as a ‘Tassel Fern,’ an unusual epiphyte and is not your average houseplant. The unique plant has rope-like trailing stems featuring glossy green leaves that resemble scales. Again, not similar to the

The long, fern-like branches are densely covered with tiny overlapping leaves resembling a conifer branch, a genuinely confusing and remarkable species, unlike the other family members. The fronds or leaves are softer than the other species and gentle when held.

Care for Huperzia Nummulariifolia

Native to the tropical rainforests of South-East Asia, Huperzias require high humidity, so they are ideal plants for a bright bathroom. However, you can also hang them outdoors under a tree or a shaded area.

Huperzia Nummulariifolia has a clustering, epiphytic growth habit and is perfect as a hanging plant that requires relatively high levels of humidity, bright indirect light and frequent watering; however, their roots should never be wet, only moist.

Overwatering this fern will eventually result in disaster and rot. Please be careful when watering them, especially here in tropical Malaysia. Often, I do a 2-3 day interval watering, especially in the mid-rainy seasons. You can also mist them during the dry season while watering them on alternate days.

One good natural remedy for fertilisers is rice water. If your household cooks a lot, take the first was of your rice water and use it to water the Huperzia Nummulariifolia or any other of your ferns and plants.

Huperzia Nummulariifolia Rare Malaysia
Another not-so-clear photo of the rare Huperzia Nummulariifolia.


This rare species of Huperzia Nummulariifolia is hardly seen in Malaysia as they are considered scarce and not readily available. However, we at Malaysia Plants has only one matured species in our nursery and maybe one day, when it gets larger, we may split them.

Until that day comes, keep your eyes open for anyone selling the Huperzia Nummulariifolia in Malaysia. You may not even find them at the commercial nurseries; therefore, good luck in your fern hunting. You can also look at some of the other rare Malaysian ferns that I have written about on Malaysia Plants.

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