Wood Mounting Board for Platycerium Staghorn Ferns and Orchids

Staghorn Fern Mounting Board

Update July 2023 – We no longer supply these items. Please seek them elsewhere, and thank you all for your support through the last few years of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

If you have been looking for a natural wood mounting board for Platycerium ferns and orchids, you can probably find them only from very selected places. Not everyone seems to sell them, but we have a private nursery that supplies them.

Therefore, if you require proper mounting media for your staghorn or other plants, you can always check out our online store on Shopee. We custom hand-make them for customers throughout Malaysia and even Singapore.

Wood Mounting Board for Platycerium Staghorn Ferns and Orchids

Platycerium Mounting Board
One of the neatly made Platycerium mounting boards.

Update July 2023 – We no longer supply these items.

Most of these wooden mounting boards are personally cut by us, treated mildly and then put up for sale. Since our private nursery is open to only appointments, you can purchase these from our online shop on Shopee Malaysia.

We sell various wood mounts for platyceriums, which also vary in size, ranging from small to large. Apart from that, we also have square mounting boards and a few others available.

This means that you can now buy these Staghorn mounting boards from anywhere in Malaysia, and we will ship them to you. You do not need to think hard about where to get them anymore.

It would be best to mount your Staghorn Platycerium ferns to grow and look more presentable. After you mount them, they will look majestically beautiful and stand out.

What Can You Mount on These Wooden Boards?

The most common plants to mount are the Platycerium Staghorn’s, which look very beautiful when mounted. Other types of plants that can be mounted include various types of tassel ferns and orchids.

However, the mounting process can also be tricky; hence, you should note the type of plant you want to mount because some of them may outgrow the mounting board.

Staghorn Fern Mounting Board Wood
One of the odd-shaped mounting media for staghorn ferns and other plants.

Update July 2023 – We no longer supply these items.

What kind of sizes are the Staghorn Mounting Boards?

The mount sizes we make are from small to large, and we make two main mounting media for Platycerium Staghorn Ferns or any other plant.

Natural Wood Mount for Staghorn Ferns

  • These are cut pieces of wood from the tree trunk that are mildly treated by us and have a hole drilled through the top for fastening a rope or wire to secure them.
  • These come in various sizes ranging from 15cm to 45cm in diameter and are usually around 2.5cm to 3cm thick.
  • They can be heavy; hence, we use wire to hang the wooden mounts.

Square or Diamond Wood Mount for Staghorn Ferns

  • These are made using recycled cut wood pieces to resemble a square shape, which in turn, creates a diamond shape.
  • These come in sizes from 30cm to 60cm and are great for mounting larger staghorn ferns.
  • Custom-made sizes are available, but you need to contact us for this.
Staghorn Fern Wooden Mount Malaysia
Some of the smaller wooden mounts can be used for baby staghorn ferns and other plants.

Update July 2023 – We no longer supply these items.

Where can you buy a wood mount for Platycerium Ferns and Orchids?

You can visit our Templer Plants Shop on Shopee Malaysia to buy them. Also, some of the individual pieces are therefore limited in stock. If a certain size or design is not available, don’t hesitate to contact us to see when we have it available.

Customised Platycerium Staghorn Mounting Boards

For those with special requirements for customised mounting boards for Platycerium staghorn ferns, please contact us to make them for you. 

Update July 2023 – We no longer supply these items.

Please note that customised boards can range from 36 inches to 60 inches across and usually in square-shaped mounts.

Platycerium Staghorn Wooden Mount Board Malaysia
A natural wooden mount for the Platycerium Staghorn ferns in Malaysia.

Update July 2023 – We apologize as we no longer supply these items.


If you have been searching for some quality mounting media for your plants, you can check out our online shop to see our various designs, all handmade by us.

Each of these wood mounting boards for Platycerium Staghorn ferns and orchids is ready to be used. You must fix the plant media to the board and secure it well. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

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