Yangmingshan Flower Festival 2024

2024 Yangmingshan Flower Festival

The Yangmingshan Flower Festival 2024 will be held in Taipei from 7 February to 17 March 2024. During this year’s flower festival, a special Yangmingshan 7 Grand Buildings Joint Exhibition will be held on the second floor of Xinhai Guangfu Tower in Yangming Park in Taipei City.

Yangmingshan Flower Festival 2024

During the flower festival in Taipei, there are going to be several activities, exhibitions, and even contests taking place here at Yangming Park and in its vicinity. The flower festival will also be held for almost six weeks.

Activities and exhibitions include a bronze sculpture exhibition by Mr. Wu Qina, beautiful and lush landscaping of natural flowers in the parks, and a Taipei Cherry Blossom Cup Street Dance Contest to enliven the Yangmingshan Flower Festival. Free guides are also available on-site. Enjoy the cherry blossoms, view the exhibitions, and relax.

For the special Yangmingshan 7 Grand Buildings Joint Exhibition, the seven significant buildings in Yangmingshan include;

  1. Yangmingshan National Park Management Office
  2. Yangming Bookstore
  3. Tourist Service Station
  4. National Taiwan Library
  5. Yangmingshan Zhongshan Tower Management Office
  6. Lin Yutang’s Former Residence
  7. Yanxishan Former Residence
Flower Festival Yangmingshan
The landscape at Yangmingshan Flower Festival in Taipei.

Yangmingshan Flower Festival 2024
Date: 7 February – 17 March 2024
Venue: Yangming Park, Qianshan Park, Floriculture Testing Center, Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan
Website: Travel Taipei
All photos from the Travel Taipei website.

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