Singapore Garden Festival 2024


2024 Singapore Garden Festival

The Singapore Garden Festival 2024 brings together top award-winning landscape and garden designers, florists and horticulturists from around the world to team up with Singapore’s talented horticulturists.

Singapore’s strategic location makes the flower festival an ideal platform to showcase horticultural products and services from various regions. The 9th edition of the Festival will be returning from 3-11 August 2024; therefore, please keep those dates free.

Singapore Garden Festival 2024

Visitors worldwide will be enchanted by exquisite garden and floral displays and experience the magic and wonder of the garden and floral design world. The Singapore Garden Festival aims to provide one of the region’s foremost horticulture events in a specially dedicated one-week show.

One of the must-see activities is the show highlights around Singapore before and during the flower festival. Several “Show Gardens” are on display, curated and designed by local and international world-renown horticulturists and landscape design specialists.

2024 Singapore Flower Garden Festival
Preparing a bouquet.
Flower Garden Festival Singapore
During the 2022 event in Singapore.
Garden Fest Singapore
Visitors at the event.
2023 Singapore Garden Festival
One of the unique flower decorations during the last event.

What are the events at Singapore Garden Festival?

For those curious about what events are happening at the Singapore Garden Festival, you will be in for a surprise, as there are severs attractive flower and garden activities taking place throughout the festival.

For the 2024 program, it is not out at the moment, but based on the last 2022 event, you can expect activities like;

Orchard Road Event

  • Show Gardens
  • Community Gardens
  • Floral Installation
  • Floral Designers Society (FDSS) Cup
  • Floral Fiesta: A Floral Creation Challenge

Singapore Botanical Gardens Event

  • Orchid Competition
  • Singapore Gardeners’ Cup
  • Landscape Design Challenge
  • MarketPlace
  • Children’s Activities
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Festival

Singapore Garden Festival Marketplace

This is one of the main attractions for local visitors, as you can find quite an exciting mix of vendors during the show. At the last SFG2022 event, a total of 44 vendors took part in the marketplace, offering a wide variety of products ranging from plants to plant care and more.

Singapore Flower Festival 2024
Visitors at the garden festival in 2022.

When and where is the Singapore Garden Festival?

It is held in Singapore, just south of Malaysia and usually takes place in August. This is also during the tropical summer in Southeast Asia so it can be quite hot and humid with a few showers. The general information is as below;

Singapore Garden Festival 2024

General Enquiries & Feedback

  • Tel: +65 6471 7141
  • Email:
2022 Singapore Garden Festival
The previous Singapore Garden Festival 2022 poster.
Flower and Garden Festival Singapore
Visitors look at the flowers during the festival.

Photos in this article were taken from the official SGF Facebook Page for promotional purposes only.


For flower and garden fans, the Singapore Garden Festival 2024 is one event not to be missed. And for Malaysians, it is just across the border; therefore, it will be easy to make travel arrangements early.

For foreign visitors, this would be an opportunity to experience one of Southeast Asia’s leading flower, garden and horticulture events featuring a wide range of tropical plants and flowers. This also includes stunning displays of orchids and thousands of other tropical flowers.

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