Taipei Rose Exhibition 2024

Taiwan Rose Exhibition

The Taipei Rose Exhibition 2024 will be opened on a grand scale this spring and will attract tens of thousands of visitors during March at New Park and Huabo Park in the Shilin District here in Taiwan.

Taipei Rose Exhibition 2024

Visitors are welcome to experience a romantic atmosphere surrounded by many roses on display at the Taipei Rose Garden. This beautiful and well-manicured rose garden is also home to over 800 varieties of roses worldwide.

Boasting the largest variety of roses in northern Taiwan, this large rose garden has a colourful landscape of blooming roses, seasonal flowers, and shrubs. Online events and weekend food stalls will also be available during the exhibition period to entertain visitors.

Taipei Rose Exhibition 2024
Date: 1-31 March 2024
Venue: New Park, Huabo Park, Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan
Website: Travel Taipei
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